Educating Special Needs Students

Topics: Mental retardation, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Education Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: January 12, 2014
Educating Special Needs Students1

Angela Anthony
Grand Canyon University: SPE-226
December 1, 2013

Educating Special Needs Students2
Educating special needs students can be challenging for all individuals involved. Students who may have intellectual disabilities, autism, and severe or multiple disabilities can have many bumps along the road of education. The impact of having a disability as a student can affect not only the student and the parents, but the educators as well. Policies, procedures, and programs are put in place to help these students succeed in the world of education. Intellectual Disability

Intellectual disability is a general learning disability that appears before adulthood. Some people refer to intellectual disability as mental retardation. To define intellectual disability, it includes both a component relating to mental functioning of individuals and functioning skills in their environment. There are three characteristics of an intellectual disability. One is the intellectual quotation or IQ is between 70 to 75 or below. Two is the ability to adapt and carry on an everyday lifestyle such as activities, self-care, socialisation, and communication. Three is that the disability occurs prior to the age of 18. Generally the cause of intellectual disability can be caused at birth or during labor; these include temporary oxygen deprivation, premature births, low-birth-weight, and birth injuries. Often times there are a combination of genetics between two people that can form a certain disorder of the gene in their children. A person with a chromosomal disorder, too few or too many chromosomes, can develop an intellectual disability.

Educating Special Needs Students3
Autism is a disorder that impairs social interaction in verbal and non-verbal communication. It affects information that is processed in the brain by altering the nerve cells. Signs of autism are usually noticed...
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