Speaking English: Overcoming Fear

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Topic: I am afraid of Speaking English

1. Why I fear speaking English?

I have a fear talk because I find it hard to think of English when communicating an idea. Fear that my pronunciation is not correct and transmit incorrect information or idea and thus cause the receiver to obtain a bad interpretation of the message.

2. As I can achieve any fear of the English?

Is that putting the language into practice , whether with exercises or means , such as exposing me to hear or be with people your primary language is English , I can achieve that fear diminishes and can sharpen my ear to whether having a better perception of the pronunciation of words.W 3. Why I find it difficult to think in English?

As the Spanish my first language, my understanding causes and analysis literally revolves around this. It takes a while to make that change of language and able to write in English literally without preparing a draft in Spanish first.

4. As I find it easier to understand the English language?

I find it difficult not understands English, so I can easily read and hear, when you speak in a slow. In a conversation, you may not fully understand it, word for word, but according to what I understand is that I play the rest of the message received.

5. Why English is important to me?

The English is important to me because I take to learn to have more development considered a universal language. For my profession being bilingual is necessary and essential, because having another language domain allows me to exercise the same in another country outside of Puerto Rico and so to carry out my duties and responsibilities in the federal sphere.

Yaliz Santiago Hernández
Prof. Erick Otero
English 1103
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