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Topics: Spanish language, Writing, Second language Pages: 4 (1061 words) Published: April 14, 2015
Regina Rioveros
English 101
Professor Gray
Mar. 13, 2015
Why Only English
“Speaking Spanish does not have to be a crisis in the United States” (Rodriguez, 346). In his essay, “Slurring Spanish,” Luis Rodriguez highlights the difficulties of bilingual speakers, specifically Spanish speakers, in America. He concentrates on the challenges that Spanish speakers face in school from having English forced as the language to be spoken at all times, moreover Rodriguez points out two Spanish-speaking students that experienced the hardships of bilingual speakers in an “English Only” education system. Although Luis Rodriguez could have written his essay in his native language, writing in English underlines the idea that having things written in English is shown to have more of an importance than if it is written in another language, in this case Spanish, showcases the fact that he has mastered the English language despite the discrimination he experienced as a Spanish-speaking student, and describes his support for bilingual speakers and wanting the same opportunities as everyone else.

Throughout his essay, Rodriguez emphasizes on the fact that a language, other than English, does not appeal to most people in America, therefore is deemed of less importance. He points this out when he mentions the “English Only” laws that are followed in schools and how bilingual students, specifically Spanish-speakers, receive consequences from disobeying the rules. Rodriguez explains, “But with “English Only” laws, school suspensions, and the derailment of bilingual education programs, Spanish is again being devalued and people who speak it discriminated against” (347). Rodriguez fully illustrates the challenges of speaking a language other than English. By stating this in his essay, he clearly points out that if he even wrote it in Spanish then he will easily be discriminated the same way a Spanish-speaker is discriminated when they choose to speak in their native tongue. Since...
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