Spanish Monarchy

Topics: Philip II of Spain, Spain, Spanish Empire Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: February 7, 2011
In 1500 and 1600,
* Monarchs of Europe worked to end independance of cities and feudal territories * Wanted to create kingdoms where loyalty of subjects is directed to crown * System of Government was absolutism-power of one person by divine right * Centralized rule use for unifying force and to bring efficiency and control * Hapsburg of Spain- leading power in West Europe

* Strength derived from their possessions in:
* Americas and Europe which inludes Spain, Netherlands, Milan, Burgundy * Portugal (after 1580)
* Hapsburgs try to increse empire’s wealth but people are against absolutism

Philip II
* Ruled from 1556 to 1598
* Most powerful monarch in Spanish History
* Devouted Catholic
* Saw himself as the defender of faith
* His efforts against Protestantism made him an enemy of the Protestants * Son of: Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Isabella of Portugal * Wanted to increase the Hapsburg’s power in Europe

* This effort involved Spain in many Europe Wars
* Was known as the Prudent King
* Was cautious, hardworking and suspicious of others.
* Built El Escorial (Granite palace)
* served as:
* a royal court
* art gallery
* monastery
* and tomb for Spanish Royalty
* Used councils of bureaucrats to advise him, but he made all of the decisions * Faced many difficulties in ruling Spain and vast European and oversea empires * Provinces of Spain officialy united when Ferdinand of Aragon married Isabella of Castile in 1469 * Uniform syst. of gov. for the country still not established * Seperate laws and provisional authorities still remained * Castile region dominated spanish life

* In 1500s Castile had the most territory, largest population and greatest wealth of all the Spanish territories * Philip II made Castile the center of Spain and Madrid was its capital * Castilian, or literary, form of...
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