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10 The Spirit of Baroque Study Guide

1. What statement best describes the function of the Taj Mahal, in Agra, India? a. a mosque dedicated to the Mughal faithful
b. a tomb for the wife of an emperor and himself
c. a shrine marking the site of an incident in the life of Muhammad d. a temple where worshippers honor the Great Buddha
Page ref: 259
2. Of the baroque qualities below, which is most clearly illustrated in Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Teresa, centerpiece of the Cornaro Chapel? a. fascination with modern science and mathematics
b. interest in religious emotion and human psychology
c. neoclassical preference for order and balance
d. dynamism created by conflicting lines
Page ref: 260
3. Which of these baroque works best realizes the attempt to combine different arts in a single, dramatically unified whole? a. Handel’s Messiah
b. Caravaggio’s Calling of St. Matthew
c. Bernini’s Cornaro Chapel
d. Rubens’ Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus
Page ref: 261
4. What statement best describes Francesco Borromini, designer of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane? a. Bernini’s architectural rival in baroque Rome
b. a talented imitator of Caravaggio’s painting
c. a genius of Italian opera in Venice
d. an influential member of Louis XIV’s court at Versailles Page ref: 263
5. In carrying the technique of chiaroscuro (dramatic light and shadow) to the cities of Florence and Naples, Artemisia Gentileschi spread the influence of what artist? a. Caravaggio
b. Gianlorenzo Bernini
c. Nicolas Poussin
d. Johannes Vermeer
Page ref: 264
6. What would one expect to hear during a performance of Monteverdi's Orfeo? a. a concerto grosso
b. a hymn
c. a recitative and aria
d. a prelude and fugue
Page ref: 265
7. Which What term is best associated with the unification of European states like France and Spain under all-powerful monarchs, who used their power to subdue the nobility and bring central order to government? a. constitutional monarchy

b. pessimism
c. popular sovereignty
d. absolutism
Page ref: 266

8. According to Hobbes' version of the state of nature, analyzed in the Leviathan, for what reason does absolute political authority emerge to establish an orderly and civil society? a. as a result of divine intervention to protect humans from folly b. otherwise humans would destroy themselves in violence

c. so that a more democratic form of government can be established d. so that society will obey the divine law of order and reason Page ref: 266
9. Which of these statements best applies to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? a. a masterpiece of the baroque concerto grosso
b. applies recent innovations in the form of the aria
c. composed for the court of Louis XIV of France
d. marks the origin of baroque opera in Germany
Page ref: 267
10. of these painters was a portraitist at the baroque court of Philip IV of Spain? a. Nicolas Poussin
b. Miguel de Cervantes
c. Diego Velazquez
d. Rembrandt
Page ref: 268-269
11. In what regard is Velazquez's masterpiece The Maids of Honor (Las Meniñas), a scene in the artist’s royal studio, most remarkable? a. its complex arrangement of space
b. a brilliant use of red, blue, and gold
c. the novel treatment of a religious theme
d. its mood of gaiety and self-indulgence
Page ref: 270
12. Of the baroque qualities below, which is most clearly illustrated in Versailles Palace? a. quiet simplicity and modest scale
b. Catholic mysticism and emotionalism
c. combination of neoclassical forms and baroque splendor
d. preoccupation with baroque rationalism and science
Page ref: 272
13. What would the Academy, as established under the rule of Louis XIV, most likely do? a. encourage innovative styles of painting
b. oversee the Dutch market in paintings
c. ensure a religious content in pictures
d. impose absolutist neoclassical rules on artists
Page ref: 275
14. Jean-Baptiste Lully was a central figure in the development...
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