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●Essential Question: ○How did different values lead to different American subcultures in the Chesapeake, Southern, New England, & Middle colonies? ●Warm-Up Question: ○Based upon the documents provided, what are some key differences between the Virginia & New England colonies?

Four Colonial Subcultures
●The different values of the migrants dictated the “personality” of the newly created colonies; led to distinct (not unified) colonies ○ The Chesapeake ○ New England ○ Middle Colonies ○ The Lower South

European Settlements in North America by 1660

Chesapeake Colonies: Virginia & Maryland

Chesapeake Colonies

The Chesapeake: Dreams of Wealth

●After Walter Raleigh's failed Roanoke settlement, there was little interest in colonizing America; but Richard Hakluyt (& others) kept promoting colonies: ○ Possibilities for wealth ○ Rivaling Spain, Holland, France ○ Nationalism, anti-Catholicism, & anti-Spanish zeal

Entrepreneurs in Virginia
●The major obstacle to colonizing in America was funding; Queen Elizabeth would not spend tax revenue: ○Joint-stock companies provided financing for colonies ○In 1606, King James gave the st London Company the 1 charter

The London Company, 1606

The London Co was later renamed the Virginia Company; English stockholders in Virginia Company

“The Virginia Colony” Reading & Discussion
●Based upon the reading ○What were the expectations of the early Jamestown colonists? ○What were conditions like during the early years of the Jamestown colony?

Entrepreneurs in Virginia
●Jamestown was settled in 1607 along the Chesapeake Bay: work for Chesapeake colonists did not ○the location was& many starved to the common good unhealthy but easy to defend from Spanish ships death (but not from inland Indians) ○Settlers had no experience in founding a settlement ○Colonists expected to become immediately wealthy & failed to plant crops or prepare for long-

Jamestown Fort, 1609

Jamestown Colony

Spinning Out of Control
Captain John ●In 1608, John Smith imposed Smith for order in Jamestown & traded food with natives ●But, Jamestown faced difficulties: The most powerful Native ○Poor leadership &of Mississippi harsh winters Americans east led to starvingRiver (1609-1610) time ○In 1622 & 1644, Jamestown was attacked by Powhattan Indians

Powhatan Confederacy The 1622 Powhatan uprising killed

Saved by a “Stinking Weed”
●John Rolfe introduced a tobacco hybrid that gave Jamestown a cash crop economy

Early Colonial Tobacco
●1618 — Virginia produced 20,000 pounds of tobacco ●1622 — Despite losing nearly 1/3 of its colonists in an Indian attack, 60,000 pounds produced ●1627 — Virginia produced 500,000 pounds of tobacco ●1629 — Virginia produced

Saved by a “Stinking Weed”
●In 1618, headrights were used to encourage cultivation of tobacco & the settlement of Jamestown: ○A 50-acre lot was granted to each colonist who paid for his own transportation, or for each servant brought into the colony ○Led to huge tobacco plantations & thousands of new settlers who

English Migration, 1610-1660

Virginia’s growth was due largely to headrights

Why was 1619 a pivotal year for the Chesapeake settlement?

Virginia House of Burgesses
●In 1619, Virginia colonists created a legislative assembly to create local taxes & oversee finances ●The Virginia House of Burgesses st became the 1 legislative assembly in America

How Many Slaves?
●In 1619, the 1 African slaves arrived in Jamestown ○In the 17th century, 1,000 slaves arrived in the New World per year ○Through the 18th century, 5.5 million arrived in America ○By 1860, 11 million slaves were brought to the New World ○Before 1831, more African slaves st

Population of the Chesapeake Colonies: 1607-1750

Time of Reckoning
●Despite the profits from tobacco, Virginia was a deadly place to live ○Many died from disease ○Numerous Powhattan attacks ○Indentured servants were treated badly & cheated out of land...
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