Topics: Emotion, Depression, Feeling Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: September 29, 2013

The photographer, Chris Lefqvist, titled his photo “Sorrow,” due to many things in the photograph that will make you feel sorrowful. Sorrow is a feeling we encounter when we lose something or someone of great value or worth to us. Sorrow leaves you feeling depressed, lonely, and hopeless. The first thing which pops out to you in plain sight in this photograph is the dead trees in the middle of a silent, still and lifeless pond. Apparently Lefqvist lost something or someone and this symbolizes this time in his life. By looking at this setting with the pond and dead trees a person begins to feel his sorrow. There are signs of depression in this photograph as the dark angry storm clouds are rolling in. This signifies a struggle of emotions to be faced in the immediate future. As we experience sorrow we see no hope in the days ahead. In this picture the sun is setting and he cannot imagine what the days ahead have in store for him. There is a small strip of land that separates the pond from another smaller body of water in the far distance. At the very far end of that strip of land is nothing but a dark almost black and lifeless tree line. I imagine he sees that as the dark depressing journey ahead of him as he copes with this loss. There is a feeling of a separation and loneliness that overcomes you in this photo. The outline of the dark bare trees and the dark hardly visible buildings in the distant background gives you the impression that Lefqvist is feeling separated from the world around him. The grass is dull and yellowing and the trees have no leaves. This makes you realize it is the end of fall and winter is fast approaching. Winter is cold, dark, and associated with loneliness. There are no signs of wildlife or other human beings and this also gives the artist a further feeling of being alone in his time of sorrow. While taking this photograph in and examining it, a person who has dealt with sorrow can most definitely...
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