A Secret Sorrow

Topics: First-person narrative, Fiction, Narrative Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Linda Lockhart
ENGLISH 113-500
Mr. Matthew Williams
21 February 2011

How Can Love Never Fail?

Karen Van Der Zee “A Secret Sorrow uses, Characterization, Tone and Irony to show that love is powerful and will heal any hurt. Anyone can say that what you hope for always doesn’t come to past, and then you may lose hope of it ever happening. It is possible to give up and live in despair or even defeat. This is very similar to Karen Van Der Zee, the writer of “A Secret Sorrow portrays in her story. Karen uses the characterization, tone, and irony to show how love is more than a feeling. The Characterization of “A Secret Sorrow played a significant part of the story. The story was written in 1981, when Faye has a serious car accident and she can not have children as a result of the accident. Daren Van Zee story “Love Beyond Reason” is based on the tone of love in a relationship (write work pg 1). The reference of Faye in a car accident sets the reader up for the tone of the story. The beginning lines of the story states, Faye blood is flowing down her face (pg 31). Faye felt faint; she needs Kai for support. According to Faye’s doctor she knows now that she can not have children. Faye becomes distant to Kai. She was afraid to expose the truth about what the doctor have related to her. Karen Van Zee use words to help set the tone of the story (31). The characterization put readers in the mindset of how love can be persistent, patient and never gives up. The tone of Kai voice was very distinct and collaborating, with intensity. Kai speak in a soft voice, display his gentle ways, even when there’s hot issues at hand (32). The irony of the story happen when the secret Faye keeps from Kai is not what she expects from him. Faye’s voice when talking to Kai is filling with sorrow. Her future with Kai is unknown. Karen Van Zee use first person narrator in the story to give a firsthand message of what happens when you really love someone, and there...
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