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the humanities that photography did not impact. Throughout all of history and the advancements made in technology photography has been used to do everything from prove a theory in science, to record a special event in a person’s life. In today’s modern world the impact of photography can be seen daily. Developments such as Photo identification, films, photojournalism, and thousands of other advances in life have all come from photography. Though all these aspects of photography are amazing in themselves...

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Ms. Atchley English 12 October 27, 2013 Photography When you think of photography you may think of photos, but when I think of photography’s I think what kind of photography. There are many different kinds and it can be used for many different reasons such as advertisement, keeping memories, scientific research and of course for some of the darker sides of photography. In this paper it will be discussing about the origin of photography. Then, it will explain how altering an image can change...

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Photography Taking pictures is the world's most popular hobby. We use it to document family milestones, capture beauty, reveal the ugliness of war, and stalk celebrities. Photography has changed the world way more than any other thing in the media (because photography is used in film and television). Our world no longer has its focus on words and paintings, but now it is focused on the photograph. There are several effects on how photography has changed the world: the civil war, social network...

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Paper Abstract Photography      Dear friends finally I am able to take some time for sharing the behind the scene secrets on paper abstract work with you all. I hope you will enjoy it & ignore the delayed publication of this article. How it all started ?      I love to shoot all subjects which attracts me irrespective of what it is ! I have not yet restricted myself to any specific genre in the photography. I am not a professional photographer & can only utilize my weekends/holidays time for...

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Photography Essay

Photography Essay Title: Self Portrait with Cat Date: 1998 Artist: Floria Sigismondi Born: 1965 Media: C Print Size: 121.9 x 162.6cm Floria Sigismondi is an Italian photographer & director, who has played a major role in many productions of photographs such as “Self Portrait with Cat”, and the directing of music videos working with major artists such as Katy Perry, Marilyn Manson, Christina Aguilera, David Bowie and Muse, but is best known for the writing and directing of a 2010 release...

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History of Photography

History of Photography I have heard, more than once, that a picture is worth a thousand words. Although I can’t quote who said it, I could not agree more. A photograph is a very powerful tool, capable of telling a complete story with just one picture; let’s just hope the story is true. If taking out of context, a photograph can also be misleading. In addition with all the digital advances and different software in the market, it is relatively easy to manipulate a photography and therefore...

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War Photography

 “Photography has to transcend description. It has to go beyond description to bring insight into the subject, or reveal the subject, not as it looks, but how does it feel?”  ― Duane Michals Our understanding of War has been profoundly affected by the invention of photography. This can be seen through the use of different approaches though which photographers have demonstrated their perspective of how they think war can be presented through the medium of photography. They have depicted both the...

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Narrative in Photography

In this essay we will explore and examine the use of narrative in contemporary photography. Narrative photography suggests to us that the image, or images presented to us may have a story to tell, a message to communicate or a philosophy to convey. That story could be familiar to us in some way, drawing on references to art, cinema, theatre, or literature or may refer to personal values, shared beliefs, moral attitudes or have some significance within our perception of modern society and culture...

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Chemistry in Photography

Chemistry in Photography Background A photograph is an image made by a photo-chemical reaction which records the impression of light on a surface coated with silver atoms. The reaction is possible due to the light-sensitive properties of silver halide crystals. Equation form for silver halides: Ag + + e - Ag Species produced include: Ag2+, Ag2o, Ag3+, Ag3o, Ag4+, Ag4o In 1556, the alchemist Fabricius was the first to discover that light can photochemically react with these crystals to...

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The Evolution of Photography of Digital Photography

The evolution of photography of Digital Photography Name Here Computer Operating Systems Professor Name September 2005 A brief history of digital photography Throughout history, man has attempted to record his exploits for whatever reason or occasion. These early attempts were simple carvings or drawings that can be found throughout the world. Contrary to what many believe, the concept of capturing an image as the world has come to know it is not a process that is relatively new. The...

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