Songs to Improve the English Vocabulary

Topics: Education, English language, Learning Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: June 28, 2013
February the 12th, 2012
Using the Beatles songs to improve the English vocabulary in my sixth grade group Submitted by Diana Dikis

The aim of education is to bring the pupil to the realization of their potential. Children are different from each other, within the potential embedded in them. The aim of education should not necessarily be, to bring all pupils to a uniform level of knowledge, but rather, to give each pupil an equal opportunity to realize his potential. I chose to teach in a different and attractive form in the practice week, I chose to teach English by throw Beatles songs Yellow Submarine and drive my car, I chose to teach throw songs because I believe that music is the way to make the majority of the pupils to participate in the lesson, "Music is an integral part of instruction for students with special needs because it allows all children to participate in an activity at their ability level and provides a sense of community for even the most disabled child" (from Humpal, M., & Wolf, J. 2003, Music in the inclusive environment). The pupils who I teach this year are from the sixth grade, one boy four girls. The pupils come from low social economical situation; the neighborhood that they leave in is poor, part of the pupils in the school is immigrant's kids from commonwealth of independent states or third generation to Israelis families with low income. The group which I teach is in the sixth grade, they are heterogeneous group of five, which has at least two levels of knowledge and different problems such as: adjustment problems, learning disabilities, behavior problems and attention deficit disorder which are not always treated or addressed appropriately in the form of the regular class. from my observation and an interview I had with the members of my group I collected information about each of my pupils; in order to build productive lesson plans, to meet their personal needs, I believe that recognition of the students world, will bring...
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