level 3 supporting teaching learning

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Tasks to do in school

Assignment 2

Task 5: explain how the processes used by own work setting or service comply with legislation that covers data protection, information handling and sharing.

Assignment 3

Task 5: demonstrate how to identify potential hazards to health, safety and security of children or young people, families and other visitors and colleges. Task6: demonstrate ability to deal with hazards in the work setting or in off site visits. Task 11: give example from own practise of supporting children and young people to asses and manage risk.

Assignment 4

Task 1: describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role. Task 4: demonstrate the ability to reflect on practise.
Task 7: demonstrate use of feedback to evaluate own performance and inform development. Task 9: demonstrate how to work with others to review and prioritise own learning. needs, professional interests and development opportunities. Task 10: demonstrate how to work others to agree own personal development plan. Task 12: demonstrate how to reflective practise has led to improved ways of working.

Assignment 5

Task 3: use knowledge of the learners and curriculum to contribute to the teachers planning. Task 4: offer constructive suggestions for own role in supporting planned learning activities. Task 6: select and prepare the resources required for the planned learning activities. Task 7: develop and adapt resource to meet the needs of learners. Task 9: select and demonstrate learning support strategies to meet the needs of learners. Task 11: give attention to learners in a way that balances the needs of individuals and the group as a whole. Task 12: demonstrate ways of supporting learners to develop literacy skills, numeracy skills, ICT skills, problem solving skills. Task 15: apply skills and techniques for monitoring learners response to learning activities. Task 16: assess how well learners are participating in activities and the progress they are...
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