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Someone Who Has Changed My Life

By kennyh95 Jan 08, 2013 668 Words
romans chapter 4 is about how faith is the means for is proof that faith has always been the means for justification. Paul reflects back to the Old Testament patriarchs who were justified by faith, not works, to illustrate his point. Paul uses this illustration to prove that Gentiles were part of this promise given to Abraham. The whole world was blessed through him because he chose to believe God rather than his circumstances and because of this, his faith was credited to him as righteousness.

Chapter 4 shows proof that faith is the true meaning of justification. It tell us in the beginning of the chapter that Abraham trusted God to set him right instead of trying to be right on his own. I believed that we all should do that because God is the only one that knows best for us. We all think we know when we have a situation in our hands but we actually don’t know anything if we don’t ask God to help us out in it. It also goes back to the Old Testaments to show us that patriarchs who were justified by faith, not by works alone. Paul uses this example to prove that Gentiles were part of this promise given to Abraham.The entire world was blessed through him because he chose to believe God rather than his circumstance and because of this, his faith was credited to him as righteousness. Chapter 5 had a lot of things to talk about. It lost me i had to read it a couple times to understand it. I believe that Paul was trying to tell us that after being justify we will be saved. It also shows that we rejoice in the glory of God. It also shows that tribulation produces patience. Sin, death, judgement, condemnation entered the world by one man but after it tells us that Jesus Christ brought grace, gift, justification, life and righteousness. I learned that sin reigned in death meanwhile grace reign in eternal life. I knew that from before but it reinforced it.

Chapter 6 talks about different things. It teaches us that as born again believers, sin’s power over us is broken. I learned that we shall not continue in sin that grace may abound. i also learned that we are buried with Christ through baptism unto death. We shouldn’t allow sin to reign over us. The wage of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life.Paul explains that we are freed from sin and made alive to God through Jesus Christ. Our sin was taken away when he got crucified for us.

Chapter 7 shows the difference between living bound to the law and living fresh b the spirit of God. Tells us to serve God with newness of spirit. The law is not sin but the law is holy and spiritual. Paul mentions the law of God, law in my members, law of my mind, law of sin. Paul also mentioned that he served the law of God with his mind.

My favorite chapter of all 4 that I read was the first one I really got something out of it. Sometimes i find myself doing alot of work but my faith is still lacking. That is something I am improving in but at the same time i know that i shouldnt stop doing work either. I really want to gain the gift of God. My second favorite chapter was chapter 7 there was a lot of little details there that i didnt know of. I knew the different laws but i didnt find myself actually think each of them. I had never actually read the book of Romans before and i find it very interesting. It actually makes keep me interested. Theres somepart in the Bible that bore you because thats not what we like to read. I am enjoying my time reading the book of Romans and understanding and leaning new things from another prospective.

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