Software and Hardware Used and Limitations

Topics: Graphic design, RGB color model, Pixel Pages: 3 (589 words) Published: February 29, 2008
When all the software is installed this is where all the data is input by using the mouse and keyboard. Also this is where all the images have been downloaded to from the digital camera and the scanner. Without this hardware I wouldn't be able to create any thing; this is a vital piece of equipment to me as a graphic designer.

Graphic card might not be suitable for the graphics

A scanner is a device that converts visual information into digital data that can be used by the computer. I used the scanner to scan the hard copy of the surveyor map into digital data that can be used in ‘Macromedias' and ‘Fireworks' as a document and can be worked on top of.

The flat bed of the scanner is not very big so I couldn't scan the whole A3 sheet of paper so had to scan 4 times and match them up in Photoshop.

Digital camera
This is a camera that doesn't need a film, instead it stores the photographs in a digital format in the memory of the camera. These images can be downloaded on to the computer. I used a digital camera to take pictures of the schools classrooms and downloaded them straight on to the computer so they are in a form that can be used on my graphics.

Have to have some knowledge of the camera and its capabilities Have to understand pixel size otherwise you have to alter the image before importing it to the document

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is a type of graphic design software creating and modifying images and creating special affects to images for the web. Adobe is a very versatile program.

I used Photoshop to make the digital cameras photos of the school smaller pixels so the graphic to fitted on the screen and that it would take up less time to load on the website. I also used it to merge the scanned images together to create a single document.

•Adobe Photoshop is very...
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