Softball vs. Baseball
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Softball vs. Baseball The love of the game, loud cheering of the crowds, school colors spread throughout the bleachers, and the smell of fresh boiled peanuts; all of these things are the essentials of what makes the perfect baseball or softball game. Although the two are similar in many ways, they have some notable differences. These sports may not be for everyone, because you have to have a lot of strength, courage, and the ability to keep going. Also they both take a lot of time and dedication. Both softball and baseball use a round ball, bat, glove and involve a field. Both sports involve a pitcher throwing the ball to the catcher for the batter to attempt to hit. Also both have a certain amount of innings to play and both sports require three outs to end the inning. There is no regulation between men playing softball and women playing baseball, but through the years they are ranged by gender and tend to stick to it. Most of the time when you hear men playing softball it’s for recreational slow pitch softball, which has a wide variety of people. Softball is more popular in college levels, as baseball is in the major leagues. Baseball is also played on more levels than softball. This is because it is played on the professional, international, Olympic, college, high school, and little leagues levels.
Although both sports use what seems like the same balls, bats, and gloves, the size is different. The softball is much larger and softer than the baseball. And softball players often tend to use bigger gloves and a thinner bat. Baseball players on the other hand have to run a lot farther down the baselines. They are 90ft, while softball player’s baselines are only 60 ft.
If you ever go and decide to be a spectator at a baseball game then go straight to a softball game, you will notice one of the most important differences between the two sports: pitching. When I was younger and played softball my coach always told us, “pitching is key, pitching is key”.

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