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Sport: Teacher and Softball

By bulldog36 Mar 28, 2013 638 Words
Katelyn Poremski
English 100
Final Draft
Softball is not just a Sport
Softball is not just a sport to me. Sports can be used to learn life lessons in ways that they help shape attitude, portray passion, develop personality, and teach companionship. “When life throws you a curve ball” means that when life gives you obstacles to overcome. This is a quote relating to life incorporating baseball or softball in to it, using “curve ball” as a synonym for obstacles. Softball, along with other sports, is a great way to learn life lessons and is not just a sport. A sport, such as softball, is something that many people can benefit from. All ages, starting at 5 can enjoy the game of softball. We, as humans, benefit from learning, enjoying each others’ company, and overcoming and making progress in the game. These concepts can also be related to everyday life because we do each of these things every day. As people, we also need an outlet for our emotions and hardships that we face; softball can help us with this. Instead of taking out anger on another person, we can take our anger out on slamming the pitch and making a home run out of it. If you look at this from a more meaningful prospective, you can take your anger in life and always come out on top if you handle each situation in a positive and professional way.

Softball also teaches people to have passion. I give a lot of recognition to the sport for teaching me to have passion not just in the game, but in life. Softball gave me something to be passionate about and also taught me to continue being passionate about other things such as my school work, and being successful. If I did not have softball in my life, I do not even know where I would be today because it was the first thing that I was passionate about. Since I was passionate about softball for all my life, it has given me great opportunities. The best opportunity it has given me is being able to go to a college that I love and also being able to play softball. If I wasn’t as determined and passionate about softball I would have not gotten the opportunity to play at Point Park University. Being an athlete of softball has taught me so much in life. Having a great attitude while playing a sport was not always easy; however, I knew that if I did not have a good attitude I would not do well. This idea, also, carried over to everyday life. If I did not have a good attitude when I woke up in the morning was like if I did not have a good attitude going up to the plate when I was up to bat. I knew I would fail if I did not have this positive attitude.

Softball also can teach people to express themselves. I would not be the person I am today if I did not have softball to help shape the person I am. It taught me to communicate as a teammate and be respectful to the other team. I also interpreted this in to my everyday life. If I did not communicate on the field, or if I did not communicate with my friends I would not have successful relationships with people. Also, if I did not respect people, people would not show any respect for me.

In conclusion, softball has not only helped me in life with teaching lessons and shaping me as a person, but it has helped a lot of other people as well. Softball, along with other sports, is an exceptional outlet for dealing with emotions and hardships, let alone also teaching great life lessons.

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