Cricket vs. Baseball

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This paper/ essay is going to cover the simulates and differences of Baseball and Cricket. The two sports surprised me on how different they are from each other, I originally set out to see how similar they were, but I ended up figuring how much different they really were.

Rules and scoring
Baseballs rules and scoring
Baseball has a lot of rules, it’s one of the most complex games ever made there are many ways to get “out”. Some of the ways to get out are three strikes, or if the batter hits the ball and one of the outfielders or infielders catches the ball the batter is out. Three outs and the teams witch sides for nine innings. But there is only one way to score witch is for the batter to hit the ball and to round the bases and get to home plate without getting tagged out, or having the ball caught after he hits it. But if the batter hits the ball and it goes to the outfield and gets to first base before he gets there it is a “force out”. Cricket Rules and scoring

Cricket is a little bit different seeing as you have two batters at the same time. There are two sets of wickets if the batter hits the ball he then runs to the other set of wickets to score a point he can do this multiple times if he hits it far enough. If the ball hits the “boundary” the player gets four points, and if he hits it over the “boundary” he gets six points. In order to switch sides the opposing team must get ten of the batters out. Ways to get a batter out is to knock over the set of wickets behind him, catch the ball he hits, he can also be “stumped” witch is when the batter steps too far forward and misses the ball and the keeper catches it and the knocks over the wicket, or a LBW witch is a leg before wicket. The LBW is where the ball hits the batters leg pads and the umpire figures it would have hit the wicket if it didn’t hit the pads. Equipment

Baseball equipment
Baseball players have to have identical uniforms, a regulation baseball bat, regulation glove or mitt,...
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