How to play baseball

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Baseball is a team sport played on a special field over the course of several periods of play called “innings”. Each innings is further divided into two parts, the top and the bottom, during which one team tries to scores points while the other team defends the field. Points are scored by hitting a thrown ball with a bat, and then running around part of the field and returning to the start position. If the runner is tagged with the baseball by the defensive team before completing the run the runner is out. After three outs the innings move forward and the team switch places. Now, the baseball field sometimes called the “baseball diamond” is specially designed field composed of two basic parts, the infield and the outfield. The infield is the center of the action. It’s defined by four rugged pads set in the ground called bases at equal distance from each other, forming a square diamond shape. The path from each base to the next is made of dirt, rather than grass. Now past the dirt border that defines the infield is a large swath of green turf called outfield. The foul lines continue on through the outfield, but otherwise, the space is open and undefined by structures or lines. There are few defensive players in the outfield who try to catch long distance hits. The outfield bulges out in the center, behind second base. The outer edge of the field is called fence. Each baseball team consists of nine players, all of whom have a specific defensive positions on the field. During offensive play, all players act as batters, taking turns trying to hit the ball. Once the ball has been hit, the batter can begin to run from home plate around each of the bases in a counter clock wise order, to complete a run back to home plate and score a point. The defensive team tries to recover the ball and tag the batter with it, ending the play. To play baseball one should know the roles of umpire. The umpire is the member of the field not affiliated with either...
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