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-To find out the reasons why commuter buses continue to utilize illegal spaces. -To find out ways through /by which commuter buses persist using unauthorized spaces/places. -To find out negative effects/problems of continued use of restricted spaces/places

This research aims at studying the reason why and the ways by which commuter buses continue to utilize spaces declared illegal for their use in the central business district of Harare. The research is based on the exploratory information obtained from kombi drivers, kombi conductors and rank marshals. Research shows that commuter buses operators continue to use unauthorised places due to multiplicity of reasons among them are cost reduction ambitions and ambition for promotion and struggle to bit congestion in the legal ranks or spaces. They employ a number of strategies like bribery of the law enforcers like police officers and Harare council officers. The research also helps to explore the usefulness or effectiveness of qualitative research methods in gathering highly sensitive information.

The study is based on exploratory in-depth interviews to the study of the reasons why and ways by which commuter buses continue to use illegal ranks. An in-depth interview was used to explore highly sensitive information as one of its strength and seems a reliable method by giving participants freedom to express their views, feelings and interest. Participants (kombi drivers, conductors and rank marshals) were approached at mid-day to avoid problems associated with pick hours. The data was collected and subsequently transcribed verbatim. The data analysis is based on comparative rhetorical analysis. The analytic focus is on the reasons given by the participants and the methods they employ to continue utilizing places declared illegal. The transcripts of the audio recordings were first coded before analysis was performed. Also purposive random sampling was employed as a technique for gaining access to participants. Participants were insured of their security so as to express themselves freely. FINDINGS

Participant A
The informant pointed out several factors to be major causes of continuous utilization of illegal spaces. 1.Time- the informant noted that “mushika- shika”, illegal ranks, are not time washing as compared to legal bus terminus .they argued that using “mushika –shika” you can load two times whilst someone on legal rank is still waiting for his turn to load. This, he argues, is an added advantage as far as our business is concerned. 2. Another important factor raised by the informant is the issue of limited space. The ranks declared legal are not capable of accommodating the number of commuter omnibuses. 3. Operators licences acquiring process is another operators faced to the extent of resorting to operate on illegal ranks where they could operate free from law enforcers. 4. My informant also noted that his kombi is no longer road worth to operate and acquiring a new disk rank seem to be fruitless; he opted to operate on rank sanctioned illegal to protect kombi from V I D.

The respondent argued that they usually have a secret agent who controls the loading of these commuter omnibuses and jealously guard the territory against the police and city council. The informant argues that they use secret codes for co-ordination. At some places like in front of big supermarkets they ferry their clients while commuter bus is in motion. He also argued they sometimes resort to bribes when the security forces are too strict and are closely to their prey ground. By Jakachira

During the course of my research ,one of my respondents, Venganai ,who uses the unauthorised place alongside forth road port confirms that illegal ranking of commuter omnibuses is an endless and inevitable practice. Labelling this place as go faster where people looking cheap transport converge, Venganai postulates that nobody...
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