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Accessibility Monorails for
Urban Community in Jakarta

Contemporary societies heavily depend on transportation and modern social life is possible only if people have mobility on a daily basis—the ability to move around so that they can do what they have to do or like to do (Sigurd, 2004). On the one hand, high personal mobility and the lifestyle choices are features of modern societies but costs and constraints involved in meeting this demand threaten communities in important ways via financial impositions, increases in pollution and greenhouse effects and reduction of local amenity, promotion of dispersed development and the take up of farm or bush land and depletion of scarce fossil fuel reserves (G, 1999, pp. 11-122).Nowadays almost every day mass media in Indonesia review the issues about poor public transport and increasing levels of traffic congestion in Jakarta. The problem of congestion and poor of public transporation services is the triggers that increased of using private cars in Jakarta which causes the high acceleration rate of growth private motor vehicles, both motorcycles and cars since 1999 (Table.1). Congestion reducing approach by push the using of private motor vehicles and revitalize of public transportation services is to be important. Failure of transportation systems will interfere with the development of an area, affecting the efficiency of the urban economy. Provides good public transportation service will encourage people to change from private vehicles to public transportation. Based on this fact, the people in Jakarta hope that Jakarta Provincial Government immediately revitalize the public transportation services.

Given the fact how important to managing for excellence in public transportation, one of those benefits is public transportation improves the quality of life in communities by providing safe, efficient, and economical transportation service (Kleiner, 2005, p. 154). The availability and cost effectiveness of public transportation is also vital to ensuring a healthy economy and improving mobility. Improvements of public transport will help to reduce congestion, air pollution, also oil and energy consumption. One of our government program is to build monorails in Jakarta. The reason to build monorails, because each and every day hundreds of thousands of passengers are carried on monorails, environment friendly and also cost effective (Greenwood, 1963, pp. 26-29).

Lots of experts who concluded Jakarta will getting worse of congestion if not solving efforts from now. Some of other causes is the lack of public transport services and undisciplined road users in Jakarta. There are several ways or way out that can be used as an approach to solve the congestion problem in Jakarta. Certainly can be done as an approach, such as reducing the use of private motor vehicles and increased ethics, traffic discipline on the highway and revitalization the public transport. Currently Jakarta also have a type of mass transportation name Trans-Jakarta that fairly representative and already operates nearly around 9 years old with long corridors more than 200 Km, but Trans-Jakarta has not become a right answer of mass transportation in Jakarta.

A new innovation that will implement in Jakarta is to build monorails transportation system. Build the monorails transportation system is not a purely economic and financial feasibility, but more than for the vision of a city. Life and economic activity of a city, depending on how easily people to travel or mobility and how often they can do it to various destinations in the city. Main objective from monorails transportation system is to provides the opportunity for people to improve the quality with a more reliable, trustworthy, safe, comfortable, affordable and more economical. Monorails have often been lumped together with flying cars as part of a naive, cartoonish vision of the future (Kennedy, 2005, p. 2). The monorails society defines monorails...

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