Socio-economic cultural and environmental Issues in Pakistan

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 Socio-economic cultural and environmental . Issues in Pakistan Social problems:
1. Poverty
2. Illiteracy
3. Corruption
4. Unemployment
5. Child Labour
6. Health Problem
Sacracy of lack of basic necessities.
A large chunk of population lives below poverty line.
They live in miserable conditions.
Poverty itself gives rise to various other social problems. Illiteracy:
Inability to read and write is called illiteracy.
Basic causes are:
Lack of resources.
High cost of education.
Lack of institutions and acess
Corruption is the prime reason behind the economical unstableness. Corruption has spread into the world and has ruined the economy. Pakistan has been ranked at 42nd number among the most corrupt nations of the world. Unemployment:

Unemployment is a major social problem caused by poor economical system. Causes of unemployment are:
Lack of funds followed by unorganized system and lack of new projects are causing unemployment worldwide. There are many reasons of unemployment like influx of machinery that has replaced manpower. Health problems:

Health is another social problem caused by poor economical conditions. The cost of living is ever increasing and shortage of funds is a usual problem worldwide. There are less hospitals and medical centers and if there are any, the people are unable to afford their and their children health expenses So the health problems grow unchecked. Child labor:

Children who deserve to be educated are forced to do work.
The circulation of money is restrained to rich people only causing the poor to become more poor. In past, some countries refused to import those goods from Pakistan in whose making children were employed. Due to growing inflation (rise) and poverty, parents are bound to send their children to work to light their stoves. Economical problems:

1. Power crises
2. War on terrorism
3. Declining export
4. Tumbling stock-market
5. Lack of tourism
6. Loss in business
Power crises are affecting the economy of the world very badly. The power crisis is followed by decline in production and at the end the economy of the countries is affected badly. We are running short of fuel worldwide. All the countries are affected by power crises. War against terrorism is another very important reason behind the economical problem. War is affecting the world’s economy and is causing problems like shortage of fuel, lack of funds, increase in health problem etc. War benefits none, someone is hurt badly and someone is destroyed completely. Lack of power followed by decline in production is the main cause of declining export which is a major economical problem worldwide. In Pakistan, core inflation soared to 18.85% in first quarter of year 2009. The production cannot even fulfill the demands and hue to decline in export and lack of trouble, the world economy is suffering great problems. The stock-market is suffering a decline worldwide. Lack of investment and poor economical condition of the people and government is another cause of decline in stock-market worldwide. In 2009, many times Karachi Stock Exchange has plunged to its lowest point in the history of Pakistan. Lack of tourism is also a cause of the declining in economy. Local as well as foreign media has projected Pakistan as a dangerous and unsafe country. Its poor law and order situation has alarmed the tourist and thus Northern areas no more receive many tourists. The poor economical system affects the business very badly. Foreign investors are not ready to setup their businesses in Pakistan. More than 70 Multinational Companies have already packed up their business from Pakistan. Government as well as every single citizen has to play its own specific role to bring about a positive change. Cultural crisis in Pakistan

A SUFI saint has defined culture as the fragrance left behind when the incense stick...
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