Week 1 DQ1 Poverty and Health

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Poverty and Health

Analyze whether poverty is a cause of poor health in a community or whether poor health is a cause of poverty. Poverty and poor health have continuously been a problem for years and has affected society in unpleasant ways. Poverty and poor health are intertwined in the United States and worldwide. It has impacted society with the results of poor health because of the life style people live. People who live in extreme poverty tend to have more chronic illnesses, severe disease issues and put the strain onto the health care system. Analyze some of the health issues found in a community of lower-socioeconomic status as well as the health issues found in communities of higher socioeconomic status. The causes of poor health are linked together by political, economic injustices and social. Poverty has been noticed for both a cause and a consequence of poor health, it definitely causes poor health. Infectious and neglected diseases kill and weaken millions in the poorest and vulnerable population each year. Some of the health issues stem from not being able to tackle the poverty and poor health and eventually worsens over time. “In a healthy community leaders will resolve today and tomorrows public health issues but to do so there has to be change. This change will include changing the risk factors with living conditions, pay, and having the resources to prevent chronic diseases and conditions that cause multiple health issue concerning your health.” (Friis, Ball, Philibert,. 2013). Discuss the differences and similarities between the issues found in both communities. Each family has a socioeconomic status that is based on family income, parental education level, occupation and social status in the community. Families with low socioeconomic status often lack in their financial, education and social supports that families with high socioeconomic status don’t lack. Usually poor families have inadequate or limited access to community...
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