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* Communication – The process of transmitting verbal, visual or written information from one individual or group to another. * Communiqué –An official announcement issued by government after some negotiation or deliberation about an intent or agreement. * News Agency – An organization that supplies news/information to subscribing newspapers, television stations, magazines and broad casting companies. * Medium – Any means or device used to transfer message from one sender or source to a receiver or audience. (Medium, mode and channel of communication are synonymous in nature.) * Message – Spoken or written information which is transmitted to someone. * Receiver – The person or audience to whom the message is sent. * Sender – The person or source that sends a message.  * Transmission – The process by which electrical signals and messages are sent out by radio, television or any other similar equipment  * Journalism – the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing or broadcasting of news and information in the print or electronic media by a reporter. * Propaganda – the spreading of ideas, information, or rumours for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause or a person. It may be transmitted via a mass medium.  * Censorship – the official control or suppressing of books, letters, news, films on grounds of immorality. * Freedom of expression – the right to express oneself freely in speech or writing without violating any existing law * Freedom of the press – the right of the press to gather and publish or broadcast information, ideas or opinions freely without government interference or prior censorship. * Oral Traditions – cultural practices and ideas handed down through oral communication (stories, speech etc.). * Voice mail – computer based answering machines that records telephone messages and store them in the recipient’s voice mailbox at the telephone exchange. * Electronic mail – this is the sending and receiving of messages from one computer to another over a telephone or across networks to other computers. * Website – a medium in the internet to advertise internationally. Exploring a website usually begins with the homepage, which leads to more information on the site. * Teleconferencing – interactive group communication (three or more people in two or more locations) through electronic media such as video equipment, computers and telephone lines. * Telecommuting – Working at home or at any place other than the office and communicating with an employer, co-workers or clients by telephone-linked computer. * Telecommunications – The means of communicating at a distance by radio, telephone, telegraph, television, computer. * Pager – a personal radio device that enables people to contact you when you are away from a telephone and informs you of all calls which you should return. * Encoding – message sent in the form of code that is meant to be understood only by the sender and the receiver. * Libel – A published statement (usually untrue) damaging to a person’s reputation or character. The intention is for the public to form a bad opinion of him or her. * Slander – An act of speaking untrue things about another person with the intention of damaging people’s opinion of him or her. * Internet – The global communication network that allows almost all computers worldwide to connect and exchange information. * Copyright – The exclusive rights to copy sell or publish a literary, musical or artistic work. * Plagiarism – the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

Describe the various forms of communication used in the Caribbean Look around you!!! Look at the improvements in communication. Today, one can agree that communication has taken on a completely new meaning. Amidst such, it is still categorized...
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