Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility Undertaken By Videocon : 
PHILOSOPHY AND RESOLVE: No business can function in a vacuum. There is the society at large with which it engages in innumerable transactions; the more involved the engagement, the better its qualitative and quantitative effect on the business. Aware of this debt to society, Videocon is committed to fulfilling its obligations: both as providers of products as well as community initiatives. They have undertaken social responsibility through the following activities: Hospital In the memory of the founder Videocon runs a world class hospital with the latest equipment, MRI, CT scan machines run by dedicated doctors specializing in Cancer and heart surgery. The hospital is 100% charitable and caters to the people in Indian villages which cannot even support their families let alone afford medicines. Schools The group runs a world class school in the village of Gangapur, dedicated to giving high quality high school education to underprivileged girls inspiring them to aim higher and work for the development of the country. Social Responsibility Undertaken By Videocon

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Charities Videocon has arranged blood donation on date 26th April every year. Most of their employees participate in blood donation camp. Sports Videocon is inspired heavily by the uplifting values perpetuated by sports. Its the ability to draw people together irrespective of differences in race, gender, religion and country. Unity of spirit and purpose is ultimately what builds bridges between diverse cultures. This is the core belief of a group that today has operations spread over a cross-cultural environment worldwide. The Videocon School of cricket was launched in Kolkata to train budding talent in the age group of 10 to 17. It aims to put about 700 students through the paces every year. Sponsorship of cricketing events across the globe underlies Videocon's commitment and passion for sports as well as its goal to connect with a global...
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