Social Networking in the Business World

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Business professionals today face challenges that just did not exist centuries ago. In a world of tough competition and ever-changing trends, to be successful and effective in business, you must constantly strive to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and be on the lookout for new ways to get noticed. Social networking has emerged as one of the latest trends in business today, and utilizing the social media for sales, marketing, and recruiting can drive your business and help it flourish. Online social networks are becoming critical business tools, and with this technology at your fingertips, you must take advantage of the opportunity, and let the social media take some of the guesswork out of your business strategies.

Communication has been defined as the exchange of information between individuals, and in this day and age, communication can be expressed in a variety of platforms. Many years ago, writing letters and making phone calls were the simplest, and most often utilized forms of communication, but times haves have certainly changed. Now we are in an era in which modern technology is part of everyday life, and to communicate effectively and efficiently with friends, family, neighbors, and business associates, we must be technologically minded, business-savvy individuals and learn how to make technology work for us.

All across the globe, owners, investors, managers, and employees are constantly searching for ways to improve. Desired improvements are often in areas such as sales, customer service, gaining new clients, and earning more profit. And although there will never be just one simple solution that is right for every business or organization, there are a variety of tools available to help virtually any business succeed in this digital world. New technology platforms that have emerged in recent years have brought a new dynamic to the business world, and today, social networking is changing the landscape of business.


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Researching for this paper has been an eye-opening experience that has taught me more than I ever thought there was to know about the use of social networking in the business world. Of course I thought about using social networking sites for marketing and sales, but it had never occurred to me that these sites could be fantastic resources for recruiting, or for maintaining customer service and support.
Upon completion of this paper, I started to think about all of the ways in which I could use this information in my future career, and how doing so might just set me apart from the competition. First, I had never really heard of LinkedIn before doing this research, but now, I will most certainly create a profile on LinkedIn so that I may be able to network with others in my future career field, and also so that I could be a potential target for a recruiter out there who may be searching LinkedIn for a new employee. Additionally, I will most definitely be able to use the information I have learned through this assignment to help further my future career, whatever it may be. At this point in time, I have intentions of working in human resources, but my ultimate goal is to one day own my own bakery. In either of these career choices, utilizing social networking sites could possibly help me in many ways. If I was working in human resources, hopefully as a manager, I could make use of LinkedIn and Facebook to search for potential job candidates. And as the owner of my own bakery, both Facebook and LinkedIn could be used as a platform for advertisement, sales, marketing and also recruiting employees. The possibilities are truly endless, and I am convinced, now more than ever, that social networking is here to stay, and it most definitely has a place in the business world.
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