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Topics: Advertising, Facebook, Social media Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: March 28, 2014
In this task I am going to be speaking about and explaining a successful promotional campaign. The campaign I will be speaking about is the ‘whopper sacrifice’. The whopper sacrifice is a Burger King advertising campaign on Facebook that promised a coupon for a free hamburger if participants deleted 10 people from their ‘friends’ lists on the social network. I would class a good advertising campaign as: it is aimed at the target audience and uses the most effective medium for them. It should raise the awareness of the business and also increase the public's estimation of its importance. The main message must be the most prominent one, the one that stays in your head. The main types of advertising media are as follows: television, printed (newspaper, magazines etc...), press coverage, billboards, radio, in store, social media, emails and paid searches (i.e. paying google to advertise you on certain searches) I think burger king’s whopper sacrifice was a huge success: the Facebook application was installed nearly 60,000 times in a matter of days, nearly 20,000 Whopper coupons were sent out, and well over 200,000 Facebook friends were deleted. Facebook members even created unofficial groups, offering to let other members add them as friends and then delete them for Whopper Sacrifice purposes. In an interview, Brian Gies, vice president for marketing for the fast-food chain; Burger-King, said Burger King intended to limit the promotion to 25,000 Whopper coupons. I think he did this because he doesn’t want to lose too many burgers for one, and also because that is a lot of people who have just put Burger King in their good books and this should lead to good word of mouth and should maximise sales at some point. Why use Facebook for advertising a marketing campaign?

Social media is everywhere. It certainly creates challenges but it also creates a great deal of opportunity for businesses that devote the time to creating social media plans and following them...
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