Smile-Tomorrow Will Be Worse

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Smile – tomorrow will be worse

No one knows what will happen tomorrow. We do not know will we laugh or cry. But, what we can do is laugh. So, just keep laughing. Breathe deeply and live to the limit.

This is the time when there are more bad people and things than good. The only thing that we sometimes keep is our smile. Happiness is sometimes very close, and sometimes far away from us. When we reach it, it tends to run away or just disappear. Happiness is when you laugh and when you fill your heart with joy. This is the best way to beat sadness and loneliness. Laugh every day, every hour, every minute, and all day. You never know what will happen tomorrow. You cannot know whether you tomorrow to cry or laugh. Everything is nicer and easier when you smile and with a smile. Do not let anything makes you sad. Laugh even if you do not have reason for that. When someone is sad, cheer him, because then you too will be filled with joy. Laughter is the best medicine. It does not cost you anything and means a lot to everyone. Put you smile on your face and go ahead. I always do so. Finally sadness goes away of me.

If we lose our smile and the reason for the luck, we will have enough time for tears and crying. Like every day, and today just laugh. Tomorrow is a new day and new expectations. There is a law by Murphy “Smiley – tomorrow will be worse.” And we really should respect this law.
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