What Makes Me Smile !!

Topics: Emotion, Laughter Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: April 8, 2011
What Makes Me Smile

A smile is a delineation of happiness. Many quotes about smile are said by social activists such as “Wear a smile, one size fits all”, “Everyone smiles in the same language”, “Smile increases your face value” and so on. These quotes innovate people to keep smiling in melancholy. Smiles and doves are intimation of peace. Many things make people smile. It includes peers, closely related people, comedy shows, jokes, opportunities, fulfilled dreams, excellent performance in one or the other field etc.. Smiling makes us attractive, contagious, and makes us look younger. Also, smiling changes our mood and relieves stress. To me, I try to keep myself happy all the times. My parents always try to boost my confidence and I never think in a pessimistic way. I love my parents but in addition to this, I am passionate for my grandparents. My heart and face glow up when I happen to see them. Smile comes on my face when I see my one and a half year old cousin and he rushes to me when I reach home after the school. I also like watching comedy shows on the television. These shows are fashioned for making people laugh. I always enjoyed at school, be it Canada or India. I never miss a chance to wish my teachers and I do respect them a lot. This provides me a sort of satisfaction and happiness. A smile automatically comes on my face when I score well in the exams and hand over my result card to my parents. They acknowledge it with so many new books. Reading books also help me smiling. I also feel very happy when I answer the questions put up by the teachers. In India, my classmates used to call me ‘encyclopedia’ and that also encouraged me to work hard in studies and it is definitely a source of a smile. Laughing...
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