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Always Remember To Smile English Literature Essay
If you are still thinking about when either happened, then you belong to the large majority who have long turned into mechanical robots or transformed into zombies. These pseudo humans either have hollow laughter that reeks of howling or have to make do with plastic smiles etched to perfection! (Well, at least most of the time, although the etching artist could give the Joker a run for this evil grin) I don’t blame them; in this time & age of fast paced life-styles, a lot of things have taken a backseat in the priority drive. People have put on backburners a wide variety of things, from dreams to their own selves. Most have forgotten the simple pleasures that once were devoured to heart’s content. The most common thing I hear these days is “Stress” or “I’m busy”. Either that or I have people, in general, being lost in nostalgic reverie. I was just one among this rat race of every mounting expectations & pushing boundaries till I asked myself these questions & that jolted me out of my existential all-consuming endeavors. I had forgotten what it was to be human. Somewhere down the line I had forgotten so much that I didn’t notice when the child in me walked out. And to say I found what I was looking for in movie called “City Slickers” is an understatement. At the very end of the movie one of the lead actors Mitch (portrayed by Billy Crystal) says the magic words: ‘Look I found something.” “What?” “My smile” There’s nothing like a smile or anything like a laugh to lighten moribund moods dispelling all darkness in its wake, leaving behind serenity & reassurance. Carolyn Birmingham has beautifully summarized this feeling in her words - A smile starts on lips,

A grin spreads to the eyes,
A chuckle comes from the belly,
But a good laugh bursts forth from the soul,
Overflows, and bubbles all around.
– Carolyn Birmingham
Smile. That’s all. Whether it’s as a toothy grin, a chuckle or rip-roaring...
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