A Smile Is Worth so Much More

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Friendship Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: April 3, 2001
When I asked my friends of a personal trait that best suits me, I received the same response from them all. The overwhelming feeling shared by each individual person showed how I looked in there eyes. Each person, as different as they were had said that I am "too nice." This trait does not seem to me as large of an issue as my friends think that it is.

Although they say I am "too nice," I feel that I am not "nice," just pleasant. I do not understand how a person can be "too nice." I never found it a burden on anyone's personality to be nice. Of course being nice has its advantages and it's disadvantages, as do any other personality traits that a person would have. For example, a person could be vulgar and uncouth. Many people find this kind of behavior offensive of course, but some may find it relieving that a person could be so honest to how they feel by not holding back.

In the matter of me being too nice, I have found that through high school and my time in college I always have been seen as the "nice guy." Everyone has always seen me as the nice guy. Sometimes it is aggravating to be called that but I rather have that than some other name with a negative connotation. Some friends have introduced me to there friends as "Alex the nice guy," which totally limits me in the very beginning of our relationship.

It is true that I do care for most other people's feelings and ideas. I just try to be the best "person" that I can be, not by religion or by influence, but that is just how most Pisces are. I cannot help it; it is just how we are. That may not be the real reason, but I do not know where I get it from.

Being known as such a nice person also has its disadvantages on the dating scene also. I have no clue why it is, but most woman want the "nice guy" as just a friend for a shoulder to cry on or the friend that they can tell there most deepest and darkest secrets too. Sometimes I really ask myself "why do they do that?" Who knows the real...
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