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TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Task 1 PAGEREF _Toc401706081 \h 1The business introduction PAGEREF _Toc401706082 \h 1Strength, weakness, analysis and comparison PAGEREF _Toc401706083 \h 2Recommendation and justification PAGEREF _Toc401706084 \h 3Task 2 PAGEREF _Toc401706085 \h 4Maintaining existing performance PAGEREF _Toc401706086 \h 4Recommendation with justification of expansion PAGEREF _Toc401706087 \h 4

Task 1The business introductionHommed Baga is one of the famous local homemade burger joints in Brunei. The founder of Hommed Baga, Chef Nash started his home-based burger business in 2010, at his house in Airport Lama. He works alone when it first started with his own money of $300 as a startup capital, and along with his skills that he have he managed to sell 16 pieces of burgers for the first time. Later, he decided to rent a stall in Anggerek Desa, and with the help of a few friends he manages to run the business, it got very well-known and his profit for the first month was $1000 plus. The Shroom is one of Chef Nash’s bestselling creations, and the successful in his burger business helped him to fulfill his dream to open up his own restaurant in 2012, that is located in Menglait. As for Doug’s Cakoi, the owner Doug Latif started his business in 2011, by opening up a stall in Kg. Lambak, with $500 as his startup capital. Doug’s Cakoi focus only for hi-tea meals which opens daily from 2pm to 5pm and selling unique and savoury kind of cakoi such as Chicken or Beef cakoi, where normally cakoi that can be found here in Brunei is actually empty cakoi or with fillings of butter or kaya spread. With the successfulness of his cakoi selling, he later opened up two more stalls, but currently left with the permanent one in Kg. Salambigar along with the one in Lambak.

Strength, weakness, analysis and comparisonStrength and weakness are the internal factors in the SWOT matrix that usually is used in planning and help to make decision...
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