Strategic Management 6000

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SGMT 6000 A, B, V 3.0: Strategic Management
SGMT 6000 A, B, V 3.0: Strategic Management

Course Outline- Revised
Fall 2014
Section A: Wednesday 14:30-17:30 SSB N108 beginning on September 10, 2014
Section B: Tuesday 08:30-11:30 SSB W136 beginning on September 9, 2014
Section V: Wednesday 19:00-22:00 SSB N108 beginning on September 10, 2014
Instructor Assistant
Professor Moshe Farjoun
N311 SSB
416-736-2100 x66125 Office hours: By appointment Stephanie Allen
416-736-2100 x66125 Brief Description
This course examines business and corporate strategy. The focus is on strategic management, the process of choosing and defining purposes and objectives, formulating and implementing a viable strategy and monitoring strategic performance. It deals with the organization in its totality and demonstrates how and why the various functions of business are interdependent and need to be coordinated if the organization is to perform effectively. The course elaborates on the applicability of the strategic management discipline to a variety of sizes and types of organizations.
Prerequisites/Corequisites/Course Exclusions: Students are required to complete all 5000-series Required Foundations of Management Core Courses before enrolling in this course.
TOC \o "3-3" \h \z \t "Heading 1,1,Heading 2,2" Course Learning Outcomes PAGEREF _Toc262829915 \h 2
Deliverables at a Glance PAGEREF _Toc262829916 \h 2
Course Material PAGEREF _Toc262829917 \h 3
Student Preparation for Class and Class Participation: Expectations4
Class-by-Class Syllabus PAGEREF _Toc262829919 \h 5
Written Assignments/Projects and Exam[s]: Descriptions PAGEREF _Toc262829920 \h 9
Evaluation of Written Assignments/Projects and Exams PAGEREF _Toc262829921 \h 9
Calculation of Course Grade PAGEREF _Toc262829922 \h 10
General Academic Policies: Grading, Academic Honesty, Accommodations and Exams PAGEREF _Toc262829923 \h 11

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