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Highway Café

Table of Contents
Table of Contents2
Executive Summary3
The Business5
Industry Analysis7
The Market8
The Organization13
Financial Reports and Calculations15
Reference List 25

Executive Summary

The Highway café will be a full service café located in Brighton Road in Glenleg, South Australia. The cafe features will have a complete menu that will be reasonably priced for all ‘comfort food’ primarily from American and French menus. The sections within the cafe will encompass a coffeehouse, magazine section, dessert bar and live performance area. The Highway Cafe shall be an LLC managed by Thistle, Kostya, Lotz (60%), a professional accounting practice, and Amin Yak (20%) and Connie Yak (20%). Amin Yak is renowned in the hospitality industry and shall benefit Highway cafe with his expertise in the business. Connie Yak brings rich experience of managing finances in the hospitality industry. The company shall also utilise her for designing the interiors and arranging a good ambience for the cafe. Highway cafe shall provide excellent food and beverages and relaxing ambience at the most competitive prices. The target customer initially would be residents and tourists flocking in and around the 5 kilometre radius of the cafe. To set itself apart from rest of the cafe in and around Glenleg, Highway cafe will introduce the concept of American Alfresco Dining on the patio space for its customers. It shall honour international recipes and keep them as authentic as possible. Patio dining, relaxing environment and live entertainment should add together as a perfect recipe for relaxation to customers. As a part of future product expansion plans, Highway cafe shall initially focus on its cafe products and dessert menu. Once it gains recognition for its novel preparations and business picks up, Highway Cafe plans to expand into proper lunch and dinner menus. Also, as a part of product expansion, Highway cafe plans to tie up with surrounding business houses and law firms for catering opportunities at their corporate events and providing customised menus for their business meetings as a regular feature. With a view to pick up cross selling opportunities, Highway Cafe also plans to introduce a section for souvenirs targeted to international tourists The cafe’s value proposal shall be to provide evening entertainment to residents of Glenleg and domestic and international tourists. The paper will lay out a detailed analysis of the market, the customer profiles and the strategic business plan for starting up with Highway cafe. This plan shall include details on the company, the market, and plans of action, product offerings, management, business forecasts and financial plans.

The Business
Background and Description of the Business Concept

Highway Cafe shall be an ownership of a rented space very close to a new proposed cinema near Brighton Road in Glenleg. It is interesting that the space was initially owned and run previously by a take home cafe that offered take home food service along with a small cafe. Highway cafe shall benefit from an already established client base of the space. Also, the initial hard work of establishment and furnishing has been done; Highway Cafe shall not have to spend much energy in worrying about start up issues (O'Byrne, 2010). The space is also strategically located close to a beach, reserves and parks. This promises to offer a large tourist count. The initial store hours will be between 10 A.M to 10 P.M. The facility is of 60 seat capacity divided strategically between alfresco dining and dessert bar. Vision Statement

Highway cafe shall try to deliver relaxation and comfort along with quick service and a good ambience to its customers. Mission Statement

Located near the beach and boat harbour of south Glenleg, Highway cafe has an excellent opportunity to become a cafe of choice for most tourists. The mission therefore ideally is to become the...
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