Sky Brand Plan

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(British Sky Broadcasting)
Brand Plan
Darrell Burgess

Executive Summary 3
Market Audit 3 Macro-Environment 3 Micro-Environment 3
Market Structure and Segmentation4
Brand Attributes5
Brand Objectives and Strategy5
Brand Action Plan6
Measurement and Control6
Appendix A9

Sky Brand Plan
Executive Summary
BSkyB (British Sky Broadcasting) better known as Sky operate in television broadcasting and telecommunications markets. Formed in 1990 by the merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting the company has become the UKs largest pay-tv broadcaster with around 10.6 million customers, and revenue of £6.8 million for the current year (Sky, 2012). Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation currently owns a 39% share in the company, this is currently the largest single stake making News Corporation controlling stake holders (Arango, 2011). In 2010 News Corporation announced its plans to buy the remaining shares of BSkyB giving the company 100% ownership, however the move was stopped by Ofcom and the Office of Fair Trading before the process could begin (BBC, 2012). Market Audit

The macro-environment has the possibility to have a large impact upon BSkyB but so far the company has managed to increase profits as well as its customer base during the global recession (Sky, 2012). The government could affect the exclusivity Sky has over many sporting events, the company currently holds the rights to show Football, Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Darts, Boxing, Wresting, Formula 1 American Football and UK/US Basketball, many of these sports Sky is the only broadcaster in the UK to show the events live. During the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Sky offered views the ability to watch every event live via additional Olympic and Paralympic channels setup as a joint venture with the host broadcaster. However Sky could now market their product as the only place to see all the events live in HD something both the host broadcasters BBC and Channel 4 couldn’t (Sky, 2012). Micro-Environment

BSkyB has many exclusive links with American Networks, most notably Fox and HBO (Sky News, 2010), these deals allows Sky to offer its customers the latest in American programming, sometimes within in 24 hours of them being shown in America. These deals also prevent other UK broadcasters the opportunity of gaining the rights to many US shows. If anything happened with the deals Sky currently have in place they could see a reduction in customers and profits, the HBO deal has been the most favoured offering customers some of the best US shows past and present. Competitors

Sky’s main competitor is Virgin Media. Virgin also operate in the television broadcasting and telecommunications markets, however Virgin offer television in a different way to Sky via fibre cable reducing their potential market to only 8.4 million homes in the UK this is compared to Sky’s potential market of 26.4 million (Office for National Statistics, 2012). However with Virgin’s technology they can offer customers services that Sky cannot, with greater broadband speeds and instant on demand television services they could be favoured by customers who can receive a Virgin service. BT is another of Sky’s competitors, the UKs oldest telecommunications and one of the world’s largest, operating in over 170 countries (BT, No Date). In 2006 BT launched its own pay TV service BT Vision, while still continuing its telecommunications the pay TV service made it a greater competitor of Sky placing the company in all the same markets as Sky. Since 2012 BT are offering customer an on demand television service Youview, to have a dedicated package for on demand TV shows the direction BT feels television is going allowing customers to watch what they want when...

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