British Airways Marketing Research

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Marketing Research
British Airways Survey
Spyros Michos

Table of Contents
1The Research3
2The Questions4
3Research Distribution4
4Data Analysis5

The Research
It is important that the questionnaire should be structured in such a way that it will earn the customer’s trust before moving on to the behavioural questions. The respondents should initially be asked demographic type of questions including age, profession, purpose of travel and have their gender verified. Geographic questions should follow next with questions on place of destination/departure. Then, they should be asked what other airlines they considered prior to the ticket purchase and what attributes influenced them to choose British Airways. The questions can be pre-determined by the researcher allowing the respondent to choose the most appropriate answer or allowing the customer to fill in the answer him/herself. The survey can be divided into two main sections: the current and the past situation. The current situation can be further divided into two categories: passenger information and flight information. The first section is dedicated in collecting information about the current situation such as airports (place of departure/destination), travel times, cabin class, purpose of travel as well as customer characteristics such as age, gender, nationality and ambitions. The purpose of this section is to collect as much demographic data as possible as well as identify unique characteristics of the airline’s customers i.e. their personality and how it may connect to their choice of airlines(Leick, 2007). The second part of the research will attempt to investigate the reasons behind the customer’s behaviour i.e. why he/she chose British Airways and also how they rank the airline compared to other competitors. This section aims at investigating the customer’s perception about British Airways and will allow for a comparison with other competitors (Leick,...

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