Simulation Supermarket

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What is Simulation?
A simulation is a model that mimics reality; there are many types of simulation. Here we concentrate on methods employed in Operational Research Strategy. Diagrammatic representation of simulation :

How simulation assists in supermarkets?
The simulation using Arena helps designing the various process that is involved in a super market .The processes such as seizing trolley,”Q” for payment of items purchased, collection of different items etc can be explained using Arena Simulation. Some of the basic benefits of simulation are:

* Risk reduction
* Greater understanding
* Operating cost reduction
* Lead time reduction
* Faster plant changes
* Capital cost reduction
* Improved customer service

The objective of this specification is to eliminate the various problems faced by XYZ super market. the problems have been perceived from the customers. As discussions progress, this specification will be enhanced and refined until agreement is reached and the specification can be formally released as part of the Statement of Work. DEFINITION OF THE PROBLEM

* Car parking facilities provided in the super market was not adequate. For the customer satisfaction better car parking facilities is to be maintained. * The single Queue system maintained in the cash payment area is delaying the process of payment. Hence maintaining several till areas can reduce the delay in process of payment . * The non –acceptability of credit/debit card has created huge problems for many customers regarding the payment .installation of card reading at every tills can avoid this problem * The customers find it difficult to carry items in the shop due to lack of trolley facility .implementing proper trolleys facilities can reduce the difficulties of customers who come for their weekly purchases. * Non availability of chopping in butchery areas has created difficulties in customers .installation of proper chopping facilities can reduce the difficulties in this area. * Lack of automated doors in the shop has created problem for easy entry of customers. Installation highly automated doors can reduce the difficulty of customer’s entrance. * Lack of security due to insufficient surveillance system. Installation of proper surveillance system can reduce this condition to a great extend. * Lack of hot food counters has created difficulties for day to day customers. Opening hot food counter can generate more profit.

The main aim of the simulation is to reduce the various congestions created when new simulation is implemented. Objective
* Determine the satisfaction attained by customers when new parking is being created . * Determine the accuracy of card readers installed for accepting various cards. * Ensure proper utilisation of trolleys.

* Ensure free entry and exit of customers through the automated doors. * Ensure proper functioning of surveillance systems installed in super market * Ensure the hot food counters make judicious use of resources available.

* Cost is the major constraint that can be felt when implementing this project. * Land acquisition for new parking area.
* New skilled labour required for smooth operation.


Current status:
* The customers cannot make bulk purchases due to lack of trolleys * Customers approaching the shop by vehicles are not finding sufficient car parking . * Non acceptance of credit/debit cards is creating problems at the time of bill payment * Lack proper surveillance systems incurred lot of damage to the shop Future status:

* The proposed model contains various inputs that enables smooth functioning of the super market. * The inputs used are trolley facility ,car parking ,surveillance systems hot food counter etc * It is expected...
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