De Stijl Art

Topics: Smart card, Bookkeeping, Banking Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: May 7, 2013
We are proud to introduce ‘ASCENT’; Advanced Social Cultural Educational Numerically-controlled Technology. ASCENT is a bouquet of integrated cutting edge cyber services dedicated to individuals as well as communities regardless of any geographical or ethnical aspects. ASCENT enables people improve their life standards, their families’ welfare and their communities through its wide range of integrated solutions. Our Pre Paid master cards enable expats, students, tourists as well as locals to send/receive (remittance free) money to/from anywhere from/to anywhere, on the spot! Our cards can be activated from the comfort of your Client’s home simply through his/their smart phone within minutes without the need to physically going to a bank, filling forms, meet their criteria, get approvals open a bank account that entitles your client finally to get a debit card! We charge 10-8% less than any other debit card per transaction, and each card is valid for 2 years and can be easily renewed from any convenience store. Our SIM card, once activated, shall enable your clients to venture a world of services and opportunities ranging from; E-store, Social Media, Insurance on Demand, E-Learning certified programs, TV streaming of your choice of your local TV channels, Virtual banking, Micro business control, Corporate Administration and many other services that can be customized to meet your clients demand and to help them achieve their objectives, personal or collective. Our Card Reader enables your clients to become a merchant, run their business and to execute any financial transaction anywhere and everywhere. ASCENT helps your client to rise above all terrestrial limitations to embrace the heavens and to truly become a Citizen of the World!

ASCENT standard bouquet includes:
A. Hardware:

1. Two* Pre paid Master cards; one control card and one companion card, both under the same account. 2. One U Mobile SIM card
3. Card Reeder Dongle
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