Similarities Are More Revealing Than Differences

Topics: Al Pacino, Richard III, Sociology Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Throughout Al Pacino’s Looking for Richard and Shakespeare’s King Richard III, there are many similarities between both texts. This can be seen through values such as the importance of integrity as well as trust. However, it is only to a certain extent that both texts portray these similar values. Throughout Al Pacino’s modern remake of Looking for Richard, many modern cinematic techniques such as the specific use of colours, rearrangement of the original text as well as comparisons made in commentary are heavily included. Instead of using such visual, modern techniques, Shakespeare uses much literary techniques in order to convey the importance of certain values. It is through the different methods taken to convey the importance of such values that it can be said that it is only to a certain extent that similarities are more revealing than differences.

A values that is used in both King Richard III and Looking for Richard is the value of integrity. In order to claim power to the throne, Richard uses much deceit and the misuse of power throughout the play, which highlights Richard’s lack of integrity. It is through such devious and detailed schemes that the audience is able understand the importance of the value of integrity throughout one’s life. One of the clear misuses of power can be seen in the scene of the innocent murder of the princes where Tyrrel expresses “The tyrannous and blood act is done, the most arch deed of piteous massacre that ever yet this land was guilty of…within their alabaster innocent arms. Their lips were four red roses on a stalk…A book of prayers on their pillow lay.” Through this quote, Tyrell describes the murder as the most ruthless in the country and pledges the innocence of the princes through their pure, white skin, red lips and uses religious imagery to describe their angelic innocence. The juxtaposition of the evil deed of their murder and the description of the innocence of the princes highlights the evil that has come out...
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