Silvertail Airline

Topics: Employment, Problem solving, Management Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: July 10, 2013
A change in Australian policy has led to changes for Silvertail which includes revising the staffing requirements and needs. The top hierarchy was replaced by staff head hunted from USA, the new board decided to restructure Silvertail’s management such as large size downsizing and closure of regional facilities. This led to rebranding to represent fresh, modernization and target market shifted towards under 30 year olds. This decision has imposed a problem towards the SIlvertail’s cabin crew. Silvertail’s Director of Recruitment, Sam Milroy has turned to a Management Consultant, Bobbi Stephen to discuss the issues regarding their staffing issues.

The consultant approach towards this issue was biased towards the existence of the older workers. Instead of working on the problem, he chose to eliminate the problem by using reverse psychology such as penalizing their incentives such as downgrading their accommodation such as from five stars to three stars.

The aim of the company was to re-structure the airline without putting their publicity at risk. The need to hire younger staffs to be in line with the new image became crucial for Silvertail. The existing pool of older crews suffered tremendous consequence such as benefits and privileges was reduced and long haul flights were to be made mandatory to limit their time for ‘family commitment’

The issue highlight was mainly due to the existing staffing which includes old cabin crew which did not fit in their image without realizing that older workers are predominant in the comapy. Based on Rosen and Jerdee 1988, managers have negative views despite their actual performance. Conversely, it is crucial to sustain these experience workers.

Furthermore, the older workers may not be educationally inclined, the consultant suggested filtering the workers based on the qualifications. Hence recruitment and training for cabin crew was suggested to be more stringent. Minimum qualification for cabin crew was decided...
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