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should women work after marriage

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re vital role in society in this century, the stereotypical view of women as house makers still stay. One of the reason to why many debate that women should not work after marriage is because it is the wife's duty to stay at home to look after the children. However, and in my opinion, I disagree with this sentiments. Women, in fact, should work after marriage.

A good relationship between husband and wife depends on the level of mutual respect they have for each other. This means never taking each other for granted or simply expecting certain things for each other without asking or having a discussion around roles. For example in a relationship, the husband automatically expects the wife to know where his clean shirts are or assumes that all housework or duties pertaining to the children's needs are specially the wife's domain. This is a portrayal of a bad marriage. A good relationship relies on teamwork and sharing responsibilities equally - not leaving one person in charge of everything. Likewise, the burden or problems in a relationship should be overcomed together, which leads me to my point that working women in a marriage is significant.

When a married woman takes up a job, it gives her a much-needed sense of independence and self-reliance. Disconcertingly, some men object to their wives taking up jobs because it reflects on his ability to maintain the family or affect adversely his sense of respectability . Working outside the home helps in the growth of personality and provides an opportunity of self-expression. Furthermore, the experience of work stress imposed occasionally on the wife at her work place would give her an idea and gauge of the stress that her husband could be dealing with, allowing the two to be more understanding and supportive of each other. This would benefit both individual as they would learn to compromise and subsequently, making their marriage last.

Unfortunately, tradition has defined the role of a woman as a mother and as a wife and many women grow up to think that their sole duty lies within the house but in the present day circumstances this is no longer practicable. Significantly in Singapore, inflation is a thorny issue for many and many lament the high cost of living. Besides economic help which a working woman provides, there is an extra dimension to her character which makes her a better wife and mother. Also because a working woman comes into contact with the outer world and is likely to have wider interest, she can help to create a healthy atmosphere at home. With her increased knowledge and better understanding she can also make a better mother. The general knowledge and experience she learns from working outside home will stretch her capabilities and mind, widening her imaginations and moulding the idealistic mother in her.

Women need jobs as much as men for a well-organized home does not need the housewife's presence the whole day long and children also grow up, go out to school and later to work and they get married, thus leaving a big gap in the mother's home. Staying at home the whole day and going grocery shopping every so often on a daily basis will only bore any person who does it every day! This is where work comes in as an advantage because only then will the wife meet new people and interact and at the same time, still be able to manage her time to juggle family time and work.

This question, however, has an important aspect to it: taking up a job means spending time away from home and may thus interfere with the smooth running of a household and the upbringing of children. Firstly, woman tend to take on so much because they are engraved with this passive attitude to help and care, helping her family out financially is just another way they are taking care of their spouse and children. Most moms continue to come home to help children with their studies, fix their beds, and make sure they are in bed to be up the next morning for school. And if she happens to run late from work one night, why can't the father help? It takes two to make a child, so to be fair, the father has to help out with the bringing up of his children too.

Women are not robots or slaves that are meant to do the same work day in and day out. Cooking and cleaning and taking care of the family is a repeated job that all woman step up and do. Taking up a career after marriage will benefit both the husband and wife in terms of income stability, and allow the wife to explore and continue to learn new things, not be trapped at home. Marriage should not stop you from working, in fact, it should spur you to take up the challenge to manage time well to achieve a successful career and a happy family. Hence, I strongly believe in my stand that women should work after marriage.

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