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Topics: Sociology, Gender role, Gender Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Feminism was a theoretical sociological perspective that was very strong from the 60s. These theorists believe that men opress women. Marxist feminists have suggested that the housewife role was a social construction by men after industrialisation to serve the interests of capitalism and to keep women in the home where they 'should be'. They believe that it is thought that womens role is in the home to take on domestic labour, childcare and perform the expressive role so the 'proletariat' working men can come home and be the king of their castle (as suggested by Zaratsky). Feminisist believe the housewife role exploits women. However C. Hakim suggested it is not the idea of patriarchy that keeps women in the home, but the fact that they actually want to be and enjoy it. Anne Oakly suggested that if society subscribes to the view that women have a maternal instinct, then women who opt not to have children will be seen as deviant. Her argument is that women should have the choice to not have children without being deemed strange or wrong. This has caused many changes and modern attitudes are now more accepting of this change in the role of women. Greer suggested that within families, female children are gender-role socialised into accepting their future role in their own families as being the carer and housewife. This, she argues, is done through encouraging play through dolls, soft toys and pretend cookers etc*. Feminists believe household roles are more segregated, women caring for children and men being the main breadwinner. They think this is unfair and that roles should be equal. However with the emergence of the modern day 'New Man' sociologists argue that men are now more willing to contribute to traditionally 'female' roles in the home. Despite this though, research has show that even today, even women and men who both work, women still do more housework than men. It is perhaps this and many other reasons why feminists attitudes are still present today,...
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