Traditional Family

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Adam Ratka
Professor Asarat
October 25, 2012
A traditional family is not a family without a housewife. Housewives never use to be appreciated or accepted as it is today. It used to be that no matter the situation the wife would be a stay at home mom no matter what. But still even today a housewife is not appreciated that much, she is took for granted, and not acknowledged for the hard work that is done. The role of the traditional housewife is undervalued because it is not seen as a real job, took for granted and not appreciated.

A housewives work is not acknowledged by some people because it is not seen as a job. A job involves hard work, long hours and dedication to your work. But a housewife’s work is a real job they put in more hours into ensuring the household is in living conditions than some people do at their day to day jobs. Also the work of a housewife is very continuous back breaking work. For example a housewife has to get up early to wake and feed the family, then clean the house, dishes, and wash clothes. It should be accepted and appreciated more because its work that most people don’t want to do. Even though it is not considered a job the work being done should be rewarded by the people the work is being done for. The family of the housewife should respect and honor the work done by the mother because if there was no housewife than the house would be in shambles. In the end a family shouldn’t take everything a mother does for them for granted.

When a family takes everything a mother does for them for granted there being heartless. If a typical family didn’t have a mother or mother figure to be a housewife and to take care for the family and the house that family would be lost. For example a housewife puts in forty plus hours a week into cleaning, cooking, and maintaining the household. If the mother wasn’t there to do those tasks than they would never get done. In that case another family member would have to take on two...
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