Should Tv Commercials Be Removed?

Topics: Advertising, Television, Audience theory Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: September 10, 2013
To Remove Commercials or Not: That is the Question
On televisions, in the bus, on billboards, on the pages of the newspaper, in mall comfort rooms—these are where we can see advertisements posted or stationed. Advertisements are seen almost everywhere to reach its goal of publicizing a product to the viewing public. To attain as many people as possible, companies take the medium of television to advertise because it offers the best way to reach the greatest amount of people at one time, whether it is locally, nationally or even internationally. These commercials occupy 1/3 to ½ of the airtime of shows and programs causing the audience to have a proposition to eradicate commercials especially during news programs. This was projected because commercials lessen the time that are provided for the reports about the latest incidents around us. This paper aims to show the pros and cons of whether to remove commercials or not on news programs.

Commercial advertisement on television is a span of programming produced and paid for and by an organization, which conveys a message, to keep the audience informed of new products, sales and special promotions. These advertisements keep broadcasting businesses alive since it provides a significant portion of the funding for the businesses’ projects and operations. Though it keeps the industry alive, it destroys the focus of people on the news when the reports are submerged within a pile of commercials. This is the reason why people came to a decision to get rid of commercials. But the more important things to know are the sides and the motives of these sides in this issue.

Commercials should be banned on TV especially on news programs because of the following reasons: (1) it restrains important factual news (2) it opts the audience not to watch the news anymore (3) the news delivered to the general audience becomes insufficient because of the deficiency in time.

First, commercials restrain news to become true, straight...
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