Should organ sale be legalized?

Topics: Kidney, Organ transplant, Organ Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: November 30, 2014
 Organ transplantation is the surgical removal and transfer of an organ from one human to another. The idea that human organs can become a market asset causes repulsion. It is better to let people volunteer to offer their organs to save a life than to sell organs for profit. The practice of organ sale is rejected by the guidelines of almost every national and international transplant society and opposed by many commentators. Who do you think will sell their organs? Poor people of course. In India, as Goyal et al.2010 have documented, 87% of kidney sellers reported a deterioration of health status and one third, a decrease in family income. Of 292 persons who sold a kidney to pay off debts, 74% still had debts 6 years later, and those in poverty increased from 54% prior to the sale to 71% after the sale (38). These findings are reinforced by Cohen’s in-depth interviews with 30 sellers and their families in Chennai. Although they were attempting to pay off debts, he found that ‘sellers are frequently back in debt in a few years’. He also discovered that debt collectors became more aggressive in ‘kidney selling zones’, making a system of sale self-reinforcing. A study conducted in Iran found that kidney sellers suffered extreme shame in their community

Legalizing organ sale means legalizing the deadly business of organ trafficking which is the third most profitable illegal business. Legalizing organ sale will negatively impact the existing deceased donor programme and the and the living donor progamme. Being paid for organs will also nullify altruism.

Legalization of this can lead to a number of dangerous outcomes. criminals running the organ trafficking business usually target more vulnerable people,homeless,illiterate,migrant workers etc. Most of these ppl are often intimidated to sell their organs through unethical and unsafe procedures for a meager fee.the 2 most commonly trafficked organs are the kidney and liver. In feb,police in india broke...
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