Should Everyone Become a Vegetarian?

Topics: Meat, Cattle, Rainforest Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: May 23, 2013
I have always held the view that killing an animal for food is morally wrong due to having being brought up as a vegetarian. Although I will maintain this lifestyle for as long as I live, I have begun to understand why the majority of people find vegetarianism a mystery.

Around two million land animals are slaughtered everyday in the UK alone to be devoured by humans #. Whether this is a surprise to you or not, this is a big proportion of livestock and there is bound to be millions of more animals being killed for the same reason in the rest of the world. Despite this fact, these two million animals will be fed to over two million mouths in the UK. If farmers had to cut down on how much meat they produce or completely stop it all together, they would not be able to sustain a good way of life due to poor income. A way to resolve this would be to encourage farmers to commence dairy farming and grow a wider range of crops.

Even though I can fully appreciate a meat eater’s point of view, it also bothers me that some livestock have to live in inhumane conditions #. These conditions include a vast number of cattle being crammed into a very small and tight area. I strongly feel that theses animals should be able to obtain a peaceful life while they are still alive. Just because they are going to die anyway doesn’t mean they should be treated horrifically during their lifetime. Imagine the human race having to live in small rooms, being fed a spoonful of food a day until the day we die. Humans, animals or any living thing all have to die some day and shouldn’t have to suffer before then. Another way to look at it is animals have been used for meat for over millions of years that it is almost a natural way of living #. It is like any other animals, for example, if a lion kills a zebra, is that not just the same as humans killing cows for instance? If livestock were to be set free into the wild, would they be able to survive? Some animals were born to hunt and other...
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