SHC31 1.1 An identification of the different reasons people communicate.

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An identification of the different reasons people communicate.

In a pre-school setting it is necessary for three main groups of people to communicate;
• Practitioners and parents,
• Practitioners and children,
• Practitioners and other professionals.
Each of these groups have different reasons and circumstances to communicate and different ways in which they do so.

Practitioners and parents
Practitioners in the setting need to have a good rapport with parents as everyone needs to feel respected and valued. Good communication will help to establish any needs, allergies and abilities a child may have, from using different words to describe things to being able to read simple words. Using a clear voice and appropriate language when talking to the parents is essential so that everything can be heard and there is no room for confusion. Having a meeting with the parents before the child starts will enable a setting to cater to the child’s needs effectively. It is important that all parents are made to feel welcome and valued within the setting, this can be done by having resources on show that show the settings positive attitude towards disabilities and different cultures (EYFS card Parents as partners 2.2).
For example if a family’s first language is not English the setting may use pictures, hand gestures, movements and other resources to communicate on a day to day basis, but if more important issues needed to be discussed a translator could be used, and written documentation could be translated .
Another example of when good communication is needed is if there is a parent who does not come into the setting often, the practitioners need to find a way to let them know what is happening within the setting and how their child is getting on. They could do this by having a notice board, half termly letters or a home to school book which the parents and practitioners can write in so that any information can be received easily.

Practitioners and

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