Shc 32

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Assessment task – SHC 32 Engage in Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings


My main duties and responsibilities at Lowton West Time Out Club are:

* To create a positive, happy and stimulating environment for children aged 4-11years of age. * To motivate and encourage children.
* To work as a team member (as I like to say there is “no I in Team) * To create a safe and stimulating environment.
* To meet the children’s individual needs.
* To be involved in the setting up and clearing away at the start and end of each session, bearing in mind activities are appropriate for child’s stage of development. * To provide a multicultural learning environment.

* To prepare light snacks and meals.
* To be involved in planning of activities using E.Y.F.S framework to plan for my key children. * To encourage children’s development.
* To be involved in children’s activities with the view to support and extend where appropriate. * To ensure toys and equipment are maintained, clean and safe. * To ensure children have access to and able to use materials to complete tasks. * Helping children who may need extra support.

* To understand and comply with fire drill practise.
* To attend and participate in staff meetings.
* To keep a daily register.
* To keep relevant records such as medicine, accident and incident. * To check and restock first aid box
* To communicate with parents/carers in a positive and constructive manner. * Observe children and reporting to manager for the E.Y.F.S framework. * To make resources
* Supporting other members of the team
* To support the implement of strategies to manage children’s behaviour and help manage children’s behaviour. * To encourage children to learn through play.
* To assist in the delivery of the E.Y.F.S framework.
* To support children with special needs.
* To set up I.C.T and gaming equipment.

My expectations as an assistant play worker are to meet the 14 national standards as required by Ofsted; Suitable Person
I have been CRB checked and regularly update when needed, level 2 in childcare and education qualification, I am fit to work and I also keep up to date with courses and training including Paediatric First Aid and E.Y.F.S training. Organisation

I make sure I stick to ratio 1:8 for children under the age of 8 and 1:7 when on trips or off site and I also plan and observe children aged 4 for the E.Y.F.S framework. I set up age/development appropriate toys and activities daily to meet children’s needs using multicultural resources when appropriate, also taking into consideration children with special needs. Care, Learning and Play

I plan and provide activities to develop children’s Physical, Social, Emotional and intellectual development, which includes a wide range of equipment’s including arts and craft, sports equipment, board games, construction and a role play box. I give children the opportunity to have free play daily. I display children’s work on the boards around the room and reward children with miles on our car track (reward chart) for their achievements. I try to achieve positive relations with parents/carers by being approachable an available to chat or discuss problems. I work alongside children to promote self-esteem and to teach the difference between right and wrong and encourage them to respect the feelings of others. I ensure cleaning equipment is kept out of children’s reach at all times, in the kitchen which is out of bounds for children. Physical Environment

I carry out risk assessments before each session on all areas used by Lowton West Time Out Club, this includes, the school hall, time out room, class 8 or 7, both playgrounds and the field in summer months. I use the intercom/camera system to ensure we only let parents/carers into Time Out Club I will then meet and greet parents/carers and children on...
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