SHC21 and SHC22

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Outcome 2
3. I would seek advice and support from the senior in charge or my manager if I was having problems understanding an individual when communicating with them or if the individual was having trouble understanding what I was saying to them. I would seek advice because if the individual's needs were not being met they would become upset and distressed. If I was having problems not knowing how the individual prefers to communicate again I would seek advice from the manager or the individual's family.

Health and Social Care NVQ Level 2

SHC22 Introduction to personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings

Outcome 1
1. My duties as a care assistant involves giving personal care to all individuals in care house, such as assisting with washing, toileting, dressing and providing hygiene to all individuals. I am responsible also for giving everyday shave to those individuals who needs it. My duties involve also providing meals to residents, help with eating and feeding those who can't feed themselves. I am also responsible for cleaning dining room and lounges after every meal individuals are having. I have to provide cleanliness in care house during the day because sometimes with residents happen accidents where for example floor is wet and my responsibility is to clean it. My duty is providing individuals with different activities during days, for example, give them nail care, play different games with them were I need to involve all residents if possible.

Outcome 2
2. As I am new in care industry working just 6 month as care assistant, I am trying to get as much trainings as possible to be sure I have enough knowledge and my skills are good enough to provide best service I can to individuals in care home. I now have knowledge and understanding of many health and social care policies and procedures. In my everyday work I try to respect each individual's diversity and equality, respect their...
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