Shakespearean Poem About Horatio Nelson

Topics: Royal Navy, Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, England Pages: 2 (298 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Poem –
Horatio Nelson – Guy Head (1798-1799)

In the prosperous lands of the Norfolk,
a boy was conceived, one of eleven.
Importance would be bestowed upon the bloke
and he would earn a place in heaven
and in the heart of his kinsmen
For Horatio Nelson was born for the sea,
and early he began his naval career.
However his importance, no one could foresee
except that a ship’s wheel he would steer,
and the love for his King and his Kingdom.
Known for his unconventional tactics
of which he was often reprimanded
By his superiors, by-the-book fanatics
that would rather see his career disbanded,
and even so, to admiralty he rose.
Even the greatest of leaders will know defeat
At Santa Cruz, Nelson lost his arm
and their amphibious assault they could not complete
and many Englishmen were come to harm
and the loss of his limb would remind him.
The Kingdom did not approve of the League of the North
and attacked the moored ships in Copenhagen
so that the Danes would not trade with the French henceforth the navy of the Danes were sunk or taken
even though no alliance with the French had been undertaken. His greatest battle was yet to fall
until the French and the Spaniards attacked
however, at Trafalgar, his ships were a wall
and with the enemy retreating, every British ship was intact. But the victory, for Nelson, took the greatest of tolls
In the heat of battle, a shot pierced a spine,
and threw the admiral to the ground, like a squall,
and soon hereafter he was taken towards the divine,
no more to his earthly body would he be a thrall.
So died a great commander in war,
who many a British will always adore.
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