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Royal Navy

 The development of the British Empire during the given years was dependent on a number of factors: war, the involvement of the government in national affairs, the navy and trade. The most influential of these factors in my opinion, was the role of the Navy, as it served as the force used by Britain to fight her battles and protect British trade. At a time, the British Empire owned around 25% of the world’s land, and at its peak was the largest empire in world history. It is undoubtable that trade...

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Health and Safety Case Study

Naval Base (HMNB) Clyde is one of three operating bases in the United Kingdom for the Royal Navy (RN), along with HMNB Portsmouth and HMNB Devonport. The Clyde base straddles two sites: Faslane, 25 miles west of Glasgow, the headquarters of the Royal Navy in Scotland; and the Royal Naval Armament Depot at Coulport, eight miles from Faslane. HMNB Clyde employs more than 3,000 people, working for the Royal Navy, the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Babcock Marine and various contractors. Overall command...

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Halifax Explosion

evacuating the city. Emergency crews could have been evacuating the city instead of rushing to the harbour to try and put out the flames. Thirteen vehicles in all, including the newly acquired fire truck, were sent to the blaze . The Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Navy sent crews in small boats to investigate and help . The Stella Maris tried to douse the flames with its onboard hose, but to no avail . The men who rushed to the scene to try and extinguish the flames died needlessly in the explosion...

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James Oglethorpe

Academy and received a commission as an Ensign. After serving as a Aid-de-camp or personal assistant for the English ambassador for Sicily and the other Italian states, he returned to England in 1716 and was promoted to Lt. captain of the queen’s royal guard after being recommended by lords Argyle and Marlborough. These two men also brought him to the attention of Prince Eugene of Savory. It was in his service that he was promoted from a secretary to an Aid-De-Camp where he helped Prince Eugene...

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The War of 1812: Was the War of 1812 Justified?

had a greater fault. To preserve Britain's naval strength British Royal Navy Officers were practicing impressments in which thousands of American seamen were forced into the British Royal Navy. The British also impressed naturalized Americans of British origin claiming that they were either deserters or British subjects. Impressments not only involved the right to search ships for deserters but the right of any officer of the Royal Navy to make a decision on the spot. (Taylor, 71) In 1807 relations...

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Lord of the Flies

Following a short period of time in which he worked at a settlement house and in small theater companies as both an actor and a writer, Golding became a schoolmaster at Bishop Wordsworth's School in Salisbury. During the second world war he joined the Royal Navy and was involved in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck, but following the war he returned to Bishop Wordsworth's School, where he taught until the early sixties. In 1954, Golding published his first novel, Lord of the Flies, which...

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History of the Battle of Jutland

and Admiral Sir John Jellicoe commander of the Grand Fleet of the Royal Navy. The overall goal of the German fleet was to trap and destroy a portion of the Grand Fleet due to insufficient numbers to engage the entire fleet at one time. Keep in mind this was part of a larger strategy to break the British naval blockade so they may once again allow German merchant ships to operate again in the North Sea. On the other hand the Royal navy focused to destroy the High seas fleet or keep the German force...

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In What Way Were Ordinary British Civilians Affected by the Ww1

John; Hodge Tim and Taylor David. Understanding History 3. Heinemann. (DORA) -Mc Nall burns Edward. Western Civilization. Norton and company-INC -New York 1973 (conscription) -Censorship. Sea your history, discover the 20th century Royal navy and its people. Royal naval museum. http://www.seayourhistory.org.uk...

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Great Explorers of Mankind

Searching for something more adventurous, in 1755 he volunteered for the British Royal Navy and took part in the Seven Years War and was an instrumental part of the surveying of the St. Lawrence River, which helped in the capture of Quebec from the French. Following the war, His skill at navigation and interest in astronomy made him the perfect candidate to lead an expedition planned by the Royal Society and Royal Navy to Tahiti to observe the infrequent passage of Venus across the face of the sun...

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Higher history-scotland at work and at war

and industrial decline. Shipbuilding • just before war broke out 100,000 workers in Scotland depended in some way on the shipbuilding industry for their wages. • when war broke out, all the main shipyards were taken under the control of the royal navy. • The increase in production line technology sped up the process of shipbuilding but also threatened jobs. • after the war, even more jobs were lost as the demand for ships almost completely dried up. Fishing • historians of Scottish fishing...

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