sexual harasment in the work place

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The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the current status of sexual harassment in the workplace today. This takes a view of the sexual harassment in organizations today and provides current knowledge on the subject. Laws protect employees in a workplace by constituting sexual harassment as unlawful. This is a critical human resource and overall managerial issue which is widely discussed in many organizations due to the overwhelming liabilities that they hold. Sexual harassment trainings have been shown to be one way that companies attempt to diminish incidents, by giving employees information on the topic. There are many implications held for people that are involved in sexual harassment in the workplace. This paper was accomplished by examining various governmental sources, as well as print publications. The research will provide an in depth view into sexual harassment, and its role in today’s work environment. This will provide proper reasoning as to why it is important for managers to take this matter seriously, as well as recommendations as to how an organization’s managers should approach the subject

The year is 2013 and you would think by now, harassment of any kind in the workplace would be extinct. But I guess as a civilization, we have not come as far as we may think we have. Before we can think about whether or not we’ve ever experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, it’s important to become familiar with different definitions of sexual harassment and the fact that it comes in different forms. But what does that mean exactly? Sexual Harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance, unwelcome request for sexual favors or other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. (Equal Rights Advocates, (2012). At the workplace, this is often expressed through processes such as Collective Bargaining and the general ability of workers to express themselves or be heard as members of trade unions. One area that remains a major concern at the work place is the fact that women workers do not enjoy freedom over their bodies. Although there are men who often feel sexually harassed, it is women who tend to be most affected through actions that encompass: unwelcome sexual advances, demands for sexual favors and suggestive verbal or physical conduct where submission to, or rejection of, such advances affect the individual’s employment status. These actions of affront to the woman’s body and sexuality are often referred to as sexual harassment. They are broadly words or actions which are sexual in nature and which, inevitably, preclude someone from carrying out his or her work to the best of his or her ability. While workers and employers know sexual harassment is inappropriate and unacceptable, it is extremely uncommon as a subject of litigation at the industrial court and does not feature during Collective Bargain negotiations. And, indeed, while sexual harassment is a problem that is universally faced by workers all over the world, women in lower rungs of work have to endure it more often. Worse still, at the work place, actions and remarks which demean and violate women have been normalized. These include verbal forms of sexual harassment through inappropriate jokes, sexual remarks and sexual teasing and touching. Causes

Sexual harassment in the work place can happen for a number of reasons. Research shows that some people are triggered by provocative clothing or certain behavior by the victim, but there is no specific cause for sexual harassment. It can happen anywhere, to anyone, at any given time. It leaves victims wondering “why me?” with no real answer to that question.

The Faces of Sexual Harassment
The two most commonly recognized types of sexual harassment are what we call quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment is, essentially, when someone at...
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